Refurbished Phones and Tablets

Jessups is very proud to be able to present our range of refurbished phones and tablets in our store. You may need a replacement phone due to your original phone being stolen or broken, or you may simply desire a change from your current phone. Another advantage of purchasing a refurbished phone is that it is an environmentally friendly option. Refurbished phones are recycled products, meaning they stay out of landfills and consequently do not contribute to environmental damage. The biggest advantage of buying a refurbished phone for most people is the money savings compared to buying a brand new phone.

Our supplier is one of Australia’s premier and preferred Smartphone & Tablet Trade In and Wholesale Sales companies with the well-established customer and industry partnerships. This is underpinned by their professional business approach and successful delivery of the entire “paddock to plate” solution within the Australian market – meaning they own and run device Trade-In Programs, fully diagnose and assess these devices, then prepare these devices for re-sale to consumers.

Their successful two-fold strategy has been focussed on:

1. Gaining access to over 75% of Australian Trade-In devices by securing strategic partnership agreements across key industry players and corporate customers.

2. Establishing a diverse and resilient sales strategy across multiple channels, both within Australia and internationally, which enables us to deliver competitive prices for our customers.

We reduce the risk of buying pre-owned mobile devices by sourcing, diagnosing and guaranteeing our devices are the best value in the market. We put our customers first and strive to secure their loyalty through the highest quality products and services. We embrace professionalism and seek excellence in everything we do.

Here is a quick recap of our offering –

1)            Jessups IT & Computers is an Australian owned and operated the company, based in Launceston, Tasmania

2)            We offer high quality, genuine second-hand smartphones, and tablets at competitive prices

3)            All our devices are network unlocked, which means they will work with any Australian SIM Card

4)            We back the quality of our preowned devices by offering you a 6-month warranty

5)            All of our devices go through a 44-point inspection check and are physical data wiped

6)            We provide professionally individually packaged devices including a scannable IMEI number for your inventory system

7)            Our devices include aftermarket accessory pack: USB Cable, Ear Phones & SIM Ejector Tool; iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus devices are shipped without earphones

8)             Using second-hand devices from Alegre is also about making the most of the resources of our planet and keeping usable electronic items in use and out of the landfill

All pre-owned devices have been lightly used, very well looked after by their original owners and have successfully passed a 44-point inspection test.

All As New (A Grade), Excellent (B Grade), Good (C Grade) and Fair (D Grade) devices are backed by Jessups IT & Computers 12-month hassle-free warranty.


1.  Charging Port  9.  Call Quality  17. Home Button
2.  Power Button  10. Microphone  18. Ringtones
3.  Touch Screen  11. Earpiece  19. Software
4.  Network Unlocked  12. Loudspeaker  20. No Liquid Damage
5.  Mobile Network  13. Handsfree Port  21. Battery
6. Sensors  14. Volume Buttons  22. IMEI Checked
7.  Vibration Button  15. Back Camera  23. Cleaned
8.  Messaging  16. Front Camera  24. Cosmetic Grading

* Automated Test Sequence covers an additional 20-point diagnosis check.


Grade Description    Warranty
As New (A-Grade)    This item is in flawless condition. Like new, or perhaps used lightly but still has no flaws.  12 Months
Excellent (B Grade)          Minimal signs of wear. Item may have very faint marks on the screen and/or the frame but is in excellent cosmetic condition.  12 Months
Good (C Grade) Light to medium signs of wear. The device is in very good cosmetic condition showing minor surface scratches or scuff marks.  12 Months
Fair (D Grade) Displays medium to heavy signs of scratching, scuffing or dings. These devices represent excellent value for money and are 100% fully functional.  12 Months